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Things Only Adults Notice In Captain Planet

It feels like the right time for a look back at the Captain Planet cartoon. After rewatching it through the jaded eyes of adulthood, we’re here to bring you all the strange hanging plot threads, surprising facts, and head-scratching moments that we completely breezed past as children.

When you rewatch Captain Planet as an adult, you’ll be startled how many times you’ll find yourself saying, “I know that voice!” That’s because many of the biggest stars of the early ’90s lent their voices to this animated series. What makes this even more delightful is that most of the star power was concentrated in the villains, so these normally respectable actors really get a chance to have some fun as they portray the delightfully hammy Eco-Villains that oppose the Planeteers.

Meg Ryan played the megalomaniacal scientist Dr. Blight…

…and her talking computer MAL was played by Tim Curry during most of his appearances. The oil baron Hoggish Greedly was voiced by Ed Asner, while his sidekick Rigger was brought to life by John Ratzenberger. Martin Sheen played Sly Sludge

James Coburn played Looten Plunder, and the evil rat mutant Verminous Skumm was played by Jeff Goldblum.

Perhaps strangest of all, the evil spirit Zarm was played by the rock star Sting.

There are fewer household names among the ranks of the heroes, as most of the Planeteers were played by veteran voice actors, rather than live-action A-listers, but there were two notable bits of stunt casting among the good guys. The team’s mentor, Gaia, the spirit of the Earth, was played by Whoopi Goldberg. Keep watching the video to see all the things only adults notice in Captain Planet.


A star-studded cast | 0:15
Evil plans are dumb | 2:00
The power of Heart is scary | 3:25
It didn’t work | 4:55

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