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The Worst Movies Of 2020 So Far

Sometimes movies arrive in theaters to the sound of a sad trombone. They stink up the joint for awhile, and then they slink away in shame. So the next time you’re having an off day at your job, just be glad the results don’t get released to thousands of screens worldwide.

2004’s The Grudge was one of the more well-regarded films of the wave of American remakes of Japanese horror films that we saw in that decade. Unfortunately, Hollywood studios are apparently thinking that now is the time to start rebooting all those remakes. Or they did, until the 2020 edition of The Grudge crashed and burned hard enough to give them second thoughts about revisiting this particular franchise. It had a promising pedigree, with Nicolas Pesce, the filmmaker who broke out with 2016’s The Eyes of My Mother writing and directing, and a cast that included John Cho, Betty Gilpin, and horror legend Lin Shaye. What it didn’t have was an original plot, a consistent tone, or any real scares.

Paul Whitington of The Independent was one of the many critics to bemoan the seeming lack of effort put into the film, writing:

“This is shoddy stuff, full of J-horror cliches and supposed jump-scares you can see coming a mile off…It’s not particularly frightening, but it sure is depressing.”

Virtually every critic acknowledged the solid awesomeness of the cast, but the fact that The Grudge squandered their talent only gave reviewers another reason to trash the flick. The sad fact is that when there are already two other, better versions of this movie out there that still hold up as icons of their era, this remake isn’t just bad on its own merits, it’s pointless, too.

Like a Boss was another film that utterly failed to capitalize on the considerable talent of its cast. On paper, the roster of talent assembled for this mess is phenomenal, with Salma Hayek, Billy Porter, Rose Byrne, and Tiffany Haddish, who seemingly cannot catch a break when it comes to her cinematic outings. Keep watching the video to see the worst movies of 2020 so far.

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The Grudge | 0:14
Like a Boss | 1:34
Dolittle | 2:47
The Turning | 4:09
Fantasy Island | 5:43
Brahms: The Boy II | 7:07
The Jesus Rolls | 8:20

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