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The Unexpected Signs I Had Bipolar Disorder | AJ Mendez x MedCircle

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AJ Mendez is the The New York Times Bestselling author of Crazy Is My Superpower, screenwriter of Netflix’s upcoming Blade of the 47 Ronin, and former championship wrestler with the WWE. She is an ambassador for NAMI, The Jed Foundation, and The Child Mind Institute, honored with NAMI’s 2018 Multicultural Outreach Award and 2020 Leaders of Mental Health Award. She sits on the Board of Directors for The Friends of the Semel Institute for Neuroscience & Human Behavior at UCLA.

In this eye opening interview on how AJ recognized the unexpected signs of bipolar disorder, she and MedCircle host Kyle Kittleson answer…

– There are a lot of misconceptions around bipolar disorder symptoms. Let’s debunk those—what does it actually feel like?
– When were you diagnosed?
– What were the behavior signs that you should seek a diagnosis?
– What were the signs in terms of changes in your thoughts and emotions that you should seek a diagnosis?
– Was there a “moment” that triggered your first visit to a specialist?
– Did you feel comfortable sharing your diagnosis with others? Why or why not?
– How did you cope with the fear of disclosing that you were living with bipolar disorder?
Before you found the right treatment, how did it affect your day-to-day mental health? Your career?
– How did you find treatment?
– Did it take awhile to find the right treatment that truly worked?
– What does life look like for you now?
– What do you want to tell people who are struggling with any mental health condition—and feel like they can’t find the right treatment or are at the end of the road?

Enjoy this honest conversation in honor of World Mental Health Week and World Mental Health Day 2021.

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