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The Real Reason These Actors Left The One Chicago Franchise

One Chicago, NBC’s sprawling shared universe of procedural dramas set in the Windy City, has naturally experienced quite a bit of turnover. Here are the actors who left the One Chicago franchise, and their reasons for doing so.

Gabriela Dawson could do everything on Chicago Fire. The sister of Chicago P.D.’s Antonio Dawson, Gabby started her arc as the Paramedic in Charge for Ambulance 61.

Then, after briefly becoming a firefighter, she returned to her first love as a paramedic. Gabby finally decided that Chicago wasn’t for her, and moved to Puerto Rico to run a rescue operation.

Actor Monica Raymund’s exit was surprising because she’d been with Chicago Fire throughout its first six seasons. As Raymund told the Chicago Tribune,

“I knew that my six-year contract was coming to an end and I felt like I was hungry to explore a different role, a different story.”

Leslie Shay, portrayed by Lauren German in the first two seasons of Chicago Fire, was a capable paramedic who held her own in the tough world of Firehouse 51. A well-liked character who was a fan favorite to many, it was shocking when Shay was killed off in Chicago Fire’s third season premiere.

Her death concluded a cliffhanger from the previous season, in which first responders fell for a fire trap set by a serial arsonist.

From a creative standpoint, Shay died because the death of a central figure would provide an emotional wallop to the audience. As executive producer Matt Olmstead told TVLine,

“Going into it, we knew […] it had to be someone who was going to give us a big impact, as opposed to going for a lesser-known character, which would equate to a pulled punch.”

The producer revealed that he and the show’s writers considered each and every major character, ultimately going with Shay because, quote, “it affected the most people.” Keep watching the video to see the real reason these actors left the One Chicago franchise.

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Monica Raymund: Chicago Fire | 0:00
Lauren German: Chicago Fire | 0:52
Charlie Barnett: Chicago Fire | 1:46
Steven R. McQueen: Chicago Fire | 2:39
Jon Seda: Chicago P.D. | 3:21
Sophia Bush: Chicago P.D. | 4:02
Brian Geraghty: Chicago P.D. | 5:05
Rachel DiPillo: Chicago Med | 5:57

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