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The Problem with the Next Moon Mission

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Co-Writer/Narrator: Brian McManus
Writer: Barnaby Martin
Editor: Dylan Hennessy
Editor: David O’Sullivan
Animator: Mike Ridolfi
Animator: Eli Prenten
Sound: Graham Haerther
Thumbnail: Simon Buckmaster

[1] NASA Mission To Study Mysterious Lunar Twilight Rays
[2] The Apollo experience lessons learned for constellation lunar dust management
[3] Self-cleaning spacesuits for future planetary missions using carbon nanotube technology
[4] 2015 NASA Technology Roadmaps
[5] Lunar Dust Effects on Spacesuit Systems – Insights from the Apollo Spacesuits
[6] NASA Big Idea – 2021 Challenge
[7] Electrodynamic Dust Shield for Space Applications
[8] Spacesuit Integrated Carbon Nanotube Dust Removal System – A Scaled Prototype
[9] Safety considerations for SPIcDER – Spacesuit integrated carbon nanotube dust ejection/removal system

Select imagery/video supplied by Getty Images
Thank you to AP Archive for access to their archival footage.

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