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The Most Important Time To Actually Break The Rules Of Communication

Rules of communication are very important to ease miscommunication and get rid of disagreements when communicating. But there is a certain part of our life wherein we must break these rules. When should it be? Well, watch this video and learn about the most important time to actually break the rules of communication.

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00:00 Intro & Summary
00:35 What Does The Rule, Don’t Be A Bear Mean
01:25 What Is Meant By The Rule, Don’t See A Bear
02:15 What Is Implied By The Rule, To Eliminate The Noise
02:41 What Are Some Of The Types Of Noise
03:19 Where To Go And Get Your Communication Cheat Sheet
03:35 What Is Indicated By The Rule, To Listen To Understand
04:14 What Is The Goal Of Listening
04:26 What Does The Rule, Express To Be Understood Wanting To Explain
05:03 When Should You Break The Rules Of Communication When You Talk To Yourself
05:30 What Should You Do When It Come To Self-Talk
06:26 Why Should You Break The Rules Of Communication
07:13 What Happens When We Take Hold Of A Thought

Watch and Enjoy!
Dr. Paul Jenkins

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