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The Jesse Plot Detail From Breaking Bad That Still Bothers Us

Breaking Bad is regarded as one of the finest TV shows in recent years. But while few people disagree with the show’s greatness, even such a well-crafted series is bound to leave some plot points unresolved, or write itself into a corner now and then. So, which plot point bothers us the most?

In the season 5 episode “Confessions,” Jesse Pinkman experiences a game-changing revelation that has an explosive impact on his storyline. However, how Jesse reached his conclusion feels a little overly convenient, if not downright contrived. Even now, years after Breaking Bad has wrapped, the details of the episode continue to be debated among fans.

In “Confessions,” after Walter White’s DEA brother-in-law, Hank, tries to get a confession from Jesse about Walt’s drug empire, Walt’s attorney Saul Goodman interrupts and takes Jesse to Walt, who convinces Jesse to escape to another city and take on a new identity. Meanwhile, Walt tapes a fake confession framing Hank for his own drug dealings, making it difficult for Hank to move forward with drug charges against Walt.

All in all, it looks like Walt is doing a pretty good job keeping himself safe. However, no sooner has Jesse agreed to drop off the grid than he rifles through his pockets and has a pivotal realization. At first, he’s looking for his small cache of marijuana, but discovers that it’s missing. While looking for it, Jesse’s fingers float across a pack of cigarettes. It’s in this moment he has a realization: He didn’t lose his marijuana — Saul’s bodyguard Huell sneakily took it off him. That leads him to realize that Huell had previously stolen the pack of cigarettes containing the poisonous ricin cigarette intended to kill drug lord Gustavo Fring, which Jesse believes was used to poison his girlfriend’s son, Brock. Keep watching the video to see the Jesse plot detail from Breaking Bad that still bothers us!


The ricin cigarette | 0:00
Ricin ex machina | 2:01
Jesse always knew | 3:22
Lingering trauma | 4:21

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