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The Hijacking Thriller That’s Crushing It On Amazon Prime

Looking for a tense, claustrophobic thriller starring one of the best actors in the business? Amazon Prime Video has got you covered.

7500, starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt as an airline pilot who finds himself dealing with hijackers, has touched down on the streaming service. The flick is winning over viewers with its gritty, tense vibe, and it marks another in a long line of excellent performances by Levitt.

The movie is an international co-production between American and German studios, with filming taking place in Cologne, Germany, and Vienna, Austria. German director Patrick Vollrath helmed the picture, with Levitt leading a multinational cast that includes Austrian actor Omid Memar, German actress Aylin Tezel, and French actress Aurélie Thépaut.

In case you’re wondering, 7500 is the distress code that pilots transmit to air traffic control to let them know that a hijacking is taking place.

Contrary to what you might expect, Levitt’s character, Tobias Ellis, doesn’t transform from mild-mannered pilot to action movie hero when the hijacking goes down. He deals with the emergency much as a real-life pilot would, lending to the movie’s air of realism.

At the beginning of the film, Ellis is getting ready for a routine flight from Berlin to Paris. He chats with his girlfriend, a flight attendant, and makes small talk with his captain before departure. As soon as the flight is in the air, though, the situation takes a turn for the terrifying when a trio of hijackers attempt to force their way into the cockpit. Ellis manages to lock himself in and transmit the distress signal to air traffic control. But of course, the hijackers begin taking hostages, demonstrating that they mean business when he refuses to grant them entry. Keep watching the video to see the hijacking thriller that’s crushing it on Amazon Prime.

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