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The Entire Rocky Storyline Explained

In the pantheon of inspirational sports movies, it’s no secret that the Rocky franchise stands head-and-shoulders above the rest. But how did the Italian Stallion go from underdog to champion to boxing trainer? Here’s the entire Rocky story explained.

In Rocky, our hero is plucked out of obscurity by heavyweight champion Apollo Creed, who offers Rocky a whopping $150,000 to take him on. What he wasn’t counting on was Rocky having more heart than anyone else in the game. While Rocky trains for the fight, he falls in love with Adrian, the sister of Rocky’s pal, Paulie. Rocky also befriends Mickey Goldmill, a tough-as-nails boxing trainer who whips the Italian Stallion into shape. Although Rocky ultimately loses the fight, he gets the girl and the respect of the boxing community, and Apollo promises that there won’t be a rematch.

That promise doesn’t last long.Rocky II sees Rocky Balboa forced to ignore Apollo’s request for a rematch when he learns that fighting again could mean permanent blindness. Thanks to his rise to fame, Rocky finally gets a little money to his name. This allows him to propose to Adrian, who reveals she’s pregnant shortly after their wedding.

Despite offers for more professional fights, Apollo becomes obsessed over hate mail about his match with Rocky. He goads the Stallion into a rematch, which Rocky reluctantly accepts after struggling to find other employment. After the birth of his child, Robert, Rocky fights Creed and wins. Just like that, Rocky Balboa is the new heavyweight champion of the world.

Watch the full video to see the entire Rocky storyline explained.

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Rocky gets his shot | 0:15
The rematch | 0:52
The story gets rough | 1:27
Rocky’s Cold War | 2:12
A young Gunn | 2:42
Rocky’s return | 3:20
Creed’s story now | 3:57
Like father, like son | 4:47

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