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The Entire Predator Story Finally Explained

Plenty of things from the Predator franchise have become ingrained in the public consciousness over the decades, but there’s a lot that’s still unknown about these deep space big game hunters, and plenty of things we do know that remain confusing. We’re here to help sort it out.

There’s a lot we don’t know about the Predators. For example, the word “predator” is just what earthlings call these monsters.

Their language in the movies appears to be a collection of clicking noises represented through a complex series of dashes in writing, so we’re never quite sure what they prefer to be called. That said, the Predator expanded universe has revealed in the past that they’re an alien species known as the Yautja, or the Hish-Qu-Ten. According to the lore, that latter name is “alien” speak for “The People Who Take Territory.”

Whatever you want to call them, there are a handful of broad traits they share that come up throughout each film.

First of all, the race seems to be guided by a desire to hunt for sport. Often they’ll seek out whatever passes for the greatest warriors in a given area and stalk them as trophy game.

They’ve even been known to pass on human beings that don’t pose an immediate threat or challenge, hinting that they might be guided by a twisted sense of honor or sportsmanship.

They also seem to typically hunt in units of no more than three.

When they arrive at their hunting grounds, they’re ready for combat, with elaborate armor designed to help them track prey and turn invisible, and a helmet that allows them to see heat signatures and other highly specific filters on the visual spectrum.

If you do manage to get through that armor, you’ll be greeted with bright green luminescent blood, assuming they don’t self-destruct first.

Not much is known about the Predators’ place of origin. They’re advanced enough to travel the galaxy but they’ve also shown signs of having a singular home world with its own distinct culture and hierarchy. However, none of that is really explained to any of the human beings that encounter the Predators, they’re often too busy running for their lives to swap stories. Keep watching the video to see t2926_The entire Predator story finally explained!


What’s a Predator? | 0:14
Where are they from? | 1:34
Welcome to the jungle | 2:21
Predator in the City | 3:55
Predators…AND Aliens??? | 4:58
The Predator experiment | 6:43
From Predator to hunter-gatherer | 7:38
Big game hunters | 9:17

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