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The Biggest Weakness Of Every Guardian Of The Galaxy Explained

The Guardians of the Galaxy might be a fearless band of warriors, but they’re also a group of serious weirdos. Arrested development, daddy issues, tragic origin stories — if you can name a serious insecurity or trauma, odds are, one of them has it. These are the Guardians’ greatest weaknesses.

Peter Quill is kidnapped as a child by Yondu and his band of Ravagers right after he watches his mother die. Growing up in the company of space pirates is as thrilling as it is terrifying, ultimately stranding him in a prolonged adolescence. He gives himself the name “Star-Lord” in order to sound cool. His tastes and interests are static, as his entire cultural education is stuck on the “Awesome Mix” his mother left him. He is an eternal child of the 1980s, stranded among aliens who’ve never heard of Kevin Bacon.

While all of this is endearing in its own weird way, less so is his underdeveloped emotional intelligence. Peter is incredibly insecure: He gets into fights with Rocket over who’s the best pilot, becomes jealous of Thor, and puts personal satisfaction before the greater good consistently. Who can forget the moment in Avengers: Infinity War when he attacks Thanos out of grief for Gamora, giving the tyrant the opening he needs to escape? It’s all part of his overall immaturity.

Groot is introduced as Rocket’s muscle and partner-in-crime. While Groot turns out to be a sensitive creature, he also seems perfectly happy to do what everyone else is doing, especially if it allows him a relatively easy life. The adult Groot in the first Guardians film is happy to take orders from Rocket, even amid constant criticism.

Groot is a useful teammate when he’s motivated, but pretty useless when it comes to everything else. Groot isn’t going to come up with plans, chart a new course, or even pay attention. Indeed, when Baby Groot is asked to find a particular item for Yondu, he brings back everything imaginable but the item, including a severed human toe. Keep watching the video to see the biggest weakness of every Guardian of the Galaxy explained.

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Star-Lord never grew up | 0:00
Groot follows the crowd | 1:14
Drax is too single-minded | 2:09
Gamora is a den mother | 3:07
Nebula craves approval | 3:55
Yondu can’t admit mistakes | 4:40
Rocket pushes people away | 5:24
Mantis’ self-esteem problem | 6:08
Thor’s lack of direction | 6:47

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