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The Absolute Best Zombie Movies You Can Watch On Netflix

What is it that’s so fascinating about zombie movies? Maybe it’s that they allow us to contemplate humanity’s darker side – or, perhaps, we like to imagine what we would do during a zombie invasion. Either way, if you’re hungry for some undead essentials, Netflix has plenty of tasty options.

As if Australia wasn’t dangerous enough with its extreme terrain and dangerous wildlife, in Cargo, Australians also have to deal with an outbreak of zombies.

In the film, a virus begins spreading that turns its victims into zombies within 48 hours of being infected, leaving Andy, Kay, and their baby, Rosie, to take shelter on their houseboat. But when Kay makes a fateful trip to scavenge for food and supplies on another boat, she’s surprised by a zombie and bitten.

Andy gathers the family together and embarks on a desperate search for a hospital, but as they swerve to avoid hitting a man, they crash and Kay is impaled. The sight of this causes Andy to pass out. He awakes to find that it’s too late for Kay – she’s already become a zombie and bites him. The rest of the film is a race against time, as he tries to find a safe home for his daughter Rosie before he succumbs to the virus and loses his humanity.

Along the way, Andy meets an unlikely ally: a young Aboriginal girl named Thoomi , who could be helpful in saving Rosie’s life.

Watch the video to see more of the absolute best zombie movies you can watch on Netflix!

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Cargo | 0:00
Train to Busan | 1:16
Resident Evil: Extinction | 2:05
Rampant | 2:57
Life After Beth | 3:53
Here Alone | 4:44

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