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TESTED – Paslode tetraGRIP Siding Nailer vs. Ring Shank Nail

The industry standard for attaching siding has been ring shank nails for years. The nails exhibit excellent holding power when properly fastened through the sheathing and into a stud. But what happens if you miss a stud?
In this video, Jordan tests the holding power of a ring shank nail and compares it to the Paslode tetraGRIP siding nail. What he found is that the ring shank nail performs similarly to the tetraGRIP nail as long as a stud is hit. However, when there is no stud behind the nail, several undesirable things happen. First, the holding power of the ring shank nail drops drastically. Second, the long 2-1/2″ nail is now penetrating the stud cavity and is at risk of puncturing a plumbing or electrical run and causing major damage down the line. This means that the installer must make extra sure that there is a stud behind each nail and will need to adjust the length of the siding to ensure that the end terminates on a stud. This adds time and complexity to each install.
The tetraGRIP fastener, on the other hand, is only 1-1/8″ long and is rated to provide it’s full holding power when driven through the sheathing, without penetrating a stud. This has several benefits: Fist it allows the installer to have the assurance that each nail is providing its full holding power no matter where its driven. Second, it allows the installer to have siding butt joints fall wherever, eliminating the need tor exact stud marking and cutting of siding to have the butt joints fall on a stud. Third, because it is a much shorter fastener, there is much less risk for an errant nail to strike a plumbing or electrical run, giving both the builder and the homeowner confidence that there won’t be unexpected trouble down the road.
DISCLAIMER: This video is sponsored by Paslode. As with anything you see or read, do your own due diligence. You won’t be disappointed by this nailer or fastener, I promise.


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