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TEN 300 – Nissan Ariya, Fisker Wants Volkswagen, Model Y Short Range Cancelled

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Weekly show about future cars and future car technolog.

The Timings:

(00:30) Welcome
(01:12) Nissan Ariya Unveiled
(02:16) GM’s electric pickup, Other Models hinted at in Sustainability report
(03:07) Tesla gets further approval for Tera Austin
(04:00) Fisker announces IPO, plans to use Volkswagen MEB platform –
(04:56) Ford confirms Kuga PHEV (Escape PHEV) accounted for 1/2 of all Kuga sales in Q2 of 2020
(05:57) Production 2021 BMW iX3 debuts
(06:49) Tesla cancels Model Y Short Range
(07:47) Audi e-tron Sportback goes on sale in the U.S.
(08:45) Tesla Model Y heads to New Zealand for Winter Testing
(09:32) Renault launches Van version of ZOE hatchback
(09:49) Like every U.S. firm, Tesla is affected by COVID-19
(10:09) Volkswagen secures trademarks for electric variants for all of its ‘classic’ cars
(10:29) Model 3 Bumper flying off in the rain causes a viral video
(10:47) Volkswagen to replace head of its software division
(11:03) Elon Musk releases gigafactory render image
(11:24) Elon Musk, others, hacked
(11:44) BMW signs NorthVolt as its third battery supplier
(11:59) Tesla told its autopilot, self-driving claims are misleading by German court
(12:16) Another Tesla in autopilot hits a stopped emergency vehicle
(12:36) Porsche releases delivery figures for Taycan in Q2
(12:53) Tesla rolls out new update to make heating intelligent based on how many passengers are in the car
(13:10) IHS Markit claims that ‘green’ Hydrogen could be cost-competitive by 2030
(13:33) Former VP Joe Biden announces $2 Trillion Climate Plan
(13:50) Tesla plans Fremont factory pause while the assembly lines are upgraded — and adding another Tent
(14:06) Hyundai Kona hits 100,000 global salesComing
(14:26) Jeep announces European press event for plug-in hybrid Renegade, Compass –
(14:42) Extreme E announces partnership with AFC Energy to charge off-road racing for EVs
(15:01) Tesla registrations in California fall – probably because of COVID-19
(15:18) Hyperion H2 Supercar teased again
(15:42) Vaughin Gittin Jr shares inside video of Mustang Performance, lets us know reveal date of July 21
Polestar 2 reviews start to roll in – and they’re super positive.


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