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Take a Trilobites Tour! #LearnWithMe

The first trilobites evolved some 520 million years ago, and scientists have since discovered more than 20,000 species of these marine arthropods. Join us for a tour of the Museum’s trilobite collections!

See how trilobites helped one scientist develop the theory of punctuated equilibria, the idea that species stay relatively the same, save for rare bursts of evolutionary change:

Got six minutes? Learn about six extinctions (including a trilobite mass extinction in the Ordovician Period):

Our paleontologists are Associate Curator Melanie Hopkins and PhD student Ernesto Vargas-Parra. They take us on a tour that includes a look inside the Museum’s extensive trilobite collection and a Q&A about field research, collections, and more. To find out about new trilobite research from Dr. Hopkins, read our recent blog post:

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