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Stopped Up Drain?! Try Using THIS to Unclog It! MUST See to Believe!

Stopped Up Drain?! Try Using THIS to Unclog It! MUST See to Believe – How to Unclog A Sink

Is your bathroom or kitchen sink clogged up? You can use a plastic drain snake from any box store which will most of the time…HOWEVER, if you have a stubborn clog in the p-trap or a clog further down the drain line I suggest using the BIG DOG…the General Kinetic Water Ram! Nothing stands in its way…not even…ORBEEZ! Hope you guys enjoy it!

Intro ► 00:00
Here is how to unstop a drain ► 00:18
A product you can buy anywhere to unclog your sink drain ► 00:55
What causes your bathroom sink to clog up ► 01:34
How to use a hair removal drain snake ► 02:44
How to make a homemade hair removal snake with a zip tie ► 04:13
Using a water ram to unclog a drain ► 05:51
What attachment to use on a kinetic water ram ► 06:18
Showing you a stopped-up drain ► 06:48
How to seal off the sink overflow to get maximum air pressure ► 07:06
What it looks like unclogging a bathroom sink ► 07:38
How to clean your drain out like a professional ► 08:03

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