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Spain: “It”s a social problem” – Koeman following fans” car attack

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Mandatory Credit: Barca TV

FC Barcelona coach Ronald Koeman addressed the incident involving a crowd of fans swarming his car while he was leaving from Camp Nou after Sunday’s Clasico defeat to Real Madrid, speaking at a press conference in Barcelona on Tuesday.
“It’s a social problem, not just here but across the world,” said Koeman, adding, “I don’t think there’s a solution to what happened when I left the stadium; it’s people with education problems who don’t have morals or values.”
The Barcelona coach’s car was surrounded by fans who were screaming insults and hitting his vehicle.
“I wasn’t scared; I had my wife alongside me, two people behind us…There was a moment I thought I was going to get out, and then I thought I better now. I understand people are not happy, but you don’t expect that. There’s a lot of ‘Tik Tok,’ and they want you to get involved with them,” said Koeman.
The coach also stressed that similar incidents frequently happen to players and their families.

SOT, Ronald Koeman, FC Barcelona coach (Spanish): “I didn’t [get scared], there were two people in the back [in the car], my wife was next to me, but fear, fear, no…At some point, I said ‘I’m going out’, but then I thought I’d better not. Despite the lost match, I understand that people are not happy, but you expect this. When you go out there are always a lot of people, there are a lot of cameras, a lot of phones, a lot of ‘Tik Tok’, people with followers and they expect you to mess with them.” *NO CUTAWAYS AT SOURCE*

SOT, Ronald Koeman, FC Barcelona coach (Spanish): “For me, it’s more of a social problem than them being Barcelona fans, for me it’s people who have education problems and don’t know what the rules and values are, and I think the atmosphere on the pitch until the 0-2 defeat was the opposite, and you don’t have to look too much at these people, who with the video, recording, we already have here every day when they come in and go out. Nor is it something different, and it seems that it has been only with me but you have to know that many players, players with their families have had the same thing happen to them. It could be that in my situation, being the ‘guilty one’, it has been more exaggerated. This has happened to all the players, even Carles Puyol has had this happen to him. So the club knows that you can’t go out as a coach, a player or a player on the pitch and you have to look for another formula so that this doesn’t happen again and also you don’t have to give it more attention. It is a social problem that exists all over the world, not only here, but all over the world.” *NO CUTAWAYS AT SOURCE*

SOT, Ronald Koeman, FC Barcelona coach (Spanish): “Indeed, I don’t like it, it’s better to be applauded at, but once again, I prefer people who know more than these guys. People who know the situation of the club and the team, that we are improving things and we don’t have to look at a result, I understand that they are very disappointed to lose to Real Madrid. But again, there are a lot of things to be happy about in the way we are going, I think we have to put energy into this. I am an adult, and I want to enjoy myself, to be in a place I think I have to be, and enjoy myself, enjoy the atmosphere that was on the pitch the other day, I know that a lot depends on the results, I accept that and I know how it works. I want to enjoy myself, if it’s eight more years, if it’s one year, three months, there’s no problem.” *NO CUTAWAYS AT SOURCE*

SOT, Ronald Koeman, FC Barcelona coach (Spanish): “It depends if you win or lose if there are good results, and it also depends, I don’t want to say on the level, because if you are a coach there is always pressure, but especially in the big teams there is more, and Ancelotti, who is a very experienced coach who has been in many teams, knows perfectly well and knows perfectly well how to carry out this function, and we have indeed spoken about this.” *NO CUTAWAYS AT SOURCE*

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