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Spain: Hundreds of pets receive blessing of patron saint San Anton in Madrid

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Pet owners of all kinds took their animals to receive a blessing on St Anton’s Day, which celebrates the patron saint of animals, in Madrid on Monday.

Queues formed at the Church of San Anton in Madrid, where hundreds of people attended the annual event with their dogs, cats, rabbits, parrots and turtles.

The animals were then sprayed with holy water, with the belief that it would give them health and wellbeing for a whole year.

St Anton’s Day celebrates the Christian monk born in Egypt in 250 AD, and who gained wisdom through observing nature and animals.

SOT, Father Angel, Head of NGO Mensajeros de la Paz and parish priest of the Church of San Anton (Spanish): “A happy day for San Anton, patron saint of animals, where he invites us to love and let ourselves be loved, and to have pets that can alleviate our loneliness.”

SOT, Maria, President of NGO Bichos Raros (Spanish): “We are a very small association that has disabled animals, and we come here to San Anton every year to bless them and start the year with energy to be able to move forward. We brought three dogs, this is Devon, he has a spinal cord injury because he was hit by a train, and the other two little ones had road accidents.”

SOT, David, Local resident (Spanish): “She [the turtle] has been rescued because she was abandoned and we have cared for her. She has been with us for four years, she used to live in a tub, in poor conditions, and we rescued her. The rabbit is one year old, it was one of those gifts that children receive when they are little and when they get tired of them or cannot keep them they abandon them. It’s one of those little gifts for kids that they give up when they grow up.”

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