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Sonic The Hedgehog: 25 Things Only Fans Noticed

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 saw tremendous success in theaters this past spring. From introducing Knuckles, Tails and Super Sonic, to hinting at Shadow the Hedgehog in the next film, there’s a plethora of content to enjoy in this two hour film! Within all that content there’s an ocean of hidden easter eggs, details and gems…err… emeralds? Whatever you decide to call the goldmine of references, there’s no doubt that this was a movie made by fans for the fans! With that said, even though we’ve explored many of these references in past videos, there was no way we could cover them all, so we’re back with one more details and easter eggs exploration: this time with some of the deepest cuts we could find as well as some details you guys let us in on in the comments of previous videos!

Join Patrice again as he unravels the wonderful world of sonic movie easter eggs spread across the first film, the second film, and even the Sonic Drone Home short! There’s plenty to learn, so we hope that you find something that interests you! If there’s even more that we haven’t covered yet, feel free to let us in on more discoveries in the comments!


0:00 – Intro
0:23 – The Actors who almost Voiced Sonic
1:18 – Olive Garden IS NOT product Placement
1:56 – Archie Comics Super Sonic Transformation
2:32 – Super Sonic Stopping Robotnik
3:10 – Animals in Robots
3:44 – Sonic Heroes Emblem
4:23 – SA2 Bounce
4:54 – Robotnik Megamind Cosplay
5:13 – Perfect Chaos
5:40 – Sonic Drone Home: Burger Princess
6:32 – Fan Art Easter Egg
7:01 – Sonic 3D Blast Level Select Code
7:36 – Rush Hour Reference
8:04 – Sonics Skateboard
8:26 – Updates to Previous Videos
9:53 – Crab Badnik
10:17 – Tails Lifting Sonic & Hologram
10:45 – Metal Madness Transformation
11:02 – Sky Chase Zone
11:30 – He’ll be back by Christmas
12:15 – Knuckles the Porcupine
12:55 – Sonic and Tails Model Changes
13:29 – Sonics Growth
14:04 – Chrome Badniks
14:31 – BONUS: Sonic Movie Concept Art

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