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Shoulder Dysfunction, Guasha For Scar Tissue, Hip Pain, Low Back, Neck & TMJ

Barbara came to the office to visit Doctor Rahim for help with several health issues including a dysfunctional shoulder rotator cuff issues back pain, neck, pain, TMJ pain, ankles, and hip pain. In this video Dr. Rahim continues to work on her hip her back and focusing on her shoulder dysfunction, every shoulder case Dr. Rahim has seen he has found pressure in the cervical spine relating to the brachial plexus that powers the shoulder Doctor Rahim Adjusted her spine to clear any misalignments, tensions in pressures.  dr. Rahim then explains and demonstrates guasha, which is a technique to break up scar tissue and adhesions in the fascia and proceeds to perform guasha on her shoulder as they were many adhesions limiting her range of motion, this is part 4 in Barbara’s journey. Enjoy the episode!

———In this video—————————

0:00 – Intro Welcome to the Office
0:09 – Consultation
1:55 – Self Care
2:26 – What is Guasha?
6:18 – Scoping
7:44 – Examination
8:14 – Neck Adjustment
9:24 – Sacrum Adjustment On Pelvic Bench
10:22 – Walking Off The Adjustment
10:45 – Re-Scoping
11:20 – Examination
12:00 – L1 Adjustment On Knee Chest Table
12:23 – Sacrum Adjustment On Knee Chest Table
12:53 – Walking Off The Adjustment
13:14 – Examination After Adjustment
13:40 – Ears & Shoulders Adjustment
14:02 – Feet Adjustment
14:15 – Jaw Adjustment
14:58 – Bone Cone On Shoulder
16:49 – FeedBack
17:53 – Hands Adjustment
18:50 – Home Work
19:41 – Outro

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Watch EP 2:
Watch EP 3:


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