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Revealing The Shocking Untold Truth Behind George Floyd’s Murder By Police With Body Language

Here’s the shocking sad truth behind George Floyd’s murder by police. We’re going to piece together the footage and break down police body language. That’s next.

First, more police officers than not surely became officers to help, serve, and protect; however, there are some really bad apples. Also, this video is in no way a call to incite violence.

This is one of the most shocking, horrific, and blatant acts of police brutality we have ever seen. George Floyd was the 46-year-old man who recently moved from Houston, Texas to Minneapolis, Minnesota to seek better work. He was working as a security guard, while also getting his truck driving license.

On May 25, 2020, the Minneapolis police were called on George Floyd for allegedly using insufficient payment at a local store and this is where the footage picks up. So we’re going to piece together all the available footage and the evidence, along with breaking down police body language, to piece together how everything unfolded that terrible day and revealing the shocking sad truth behind this horrific murder by police officers.

Some may say, “We gotta wait for all the police footage to be released before we jump to any conclusions.” But it doesn’t matter what happened before because there’s no excuse to do what we just saw. George was already handcuffed, there were several officers on scene, a knee in the neck is not part of their official training. No officer questioned what was going on, George was begging for help and telling them he was going to die, the entire crowd was yelling, begging, pleading, screaming telling the officers exactly what’s going on, and what would happen if they continued. And of course, what the crowd was concern would happen happened, George Floyd died. This was not one of those split-second police decisions, they had many many minutes to stop and they refused because it surely appears that they wanted to kill George Floyd because that’s clearly what the footage shows.

This is so incredibly sad. This is not a republican, democrat, blue, black issue this is an American issue. This is something that should never happen in the United States and we just saw it happen. Nothing like this can ever happen again, real decisive action must be taken now.

I hope and would like to assume the majority of the police in Minneapolis aren’t like this, but here’s the scary part especially for those in black and brown communities, you don’t know if the cop you are encountering is like these cops because there were 4 cops that were involved in this and they all fell in line with what was horrifically happening to George Floyd, no one stood up to even question it, this whole horrific incident came across as standard operating procedure. I can’t wrap my mind around what we just saw actually happen what kind of fucking world are we living in. Rest in peace George Floyd.

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Now in the comments: What do you think should happen to the police officers involved, especially Officer Chauvin? Let everyone know in the comments below.

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