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Reclaim the Lost Magic of Childhood Play!

#1 Amazon new release, Reclaim Play ( ), delivers an inspiring manifesto on why play is critical for children and a comprehensive how-to for parents to bring back the magic of childhood. Make parenting easier with the independent play children need and unlock the boundless creativity, imagination, and profound learning that flourish when children immerse themselves in independent play.

“…Practical and wise, this book will help modern-day parents and kids reclaim deeply nourishing, natural independent play. I couldn’t recommend it more!” – Hunter Clarke-Fields, author of Raising Good Humans

The narrative of childhood has been rewritten over the past two decades. Play, once synonymous with childhood, has seen a worrying decline, paralleled by a concerning upsurge in children’s mental health issues, such as anxiety and depression. Reclaim Play champions the idea of entrusting children with the autonomy to explore, fostering their inner resilience, nurturing problem-solving skills, and cultivating independent thought.

“…More than anything else, play develops their brains and bodies, sparks their creativity, and teaches them all the relational soft skills that are the hardest to learn later on. Avital Schreiber Levy knows this and teaches this better than anyone, and that’s why I’m so thrilled she wrote this book.” – Hal Runkel, NYT bestselling author of ScreamFree Parenting

Mother of five, Avital Schreiber Levy, ignited the Reclaim Play movement in response to a concerning trend: a generation of children missing out on the essence of play-filled childhoods and parents caught in the whirlwind of perpetual overwhelm. Her expanding online community of parents and families seeks to harness the magic of childhood – a time of curiosity, imagination, self-reliance, and holistic growth encompassing physical, social, emotional, and academic dimensions.

But it’s not just about the children. By reclaiming play, parents experience newfound ease, confidence, and competence. They find the bandwidth to juggle household chores, self-care, and cherish the delightful moments with their children―all without the guilt of resorting to screens as digital babysitters.

“Avital’s book is a wake-up call… It’s more than just a parenting guide; it’s an invitation to a more joyful and fulfilling family life.” – Renee Jain, Founder of GoZen!

Every child is wired for play. Sadly, the richness of play has been overshadowed by the encroachments of technology, societal pressures for early achievements, and rampant materialism. Reclaim Play aims to reverse this trend, providing actionable steps, insightful solutions, and positive affirmations for parents eager to shield their children from these modern pitfalls, restoring the cherished art of imaginative play.

“This book… will save a generation of children from a play-less existence.” – Dr. Shefali, Clinical Psychologist and NYT bestselling author of The Conscious Parent

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