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Pt.3 Chronic Unbearable Back Pain for 4 Years Helped!

Tristan is a 26 Year old hockey player from The Vancouver area in Canada. He came to Los Angeles to visit Dr. Rahim for help. With his chronic unbearable back pain he has been suffering with for 4 years. The pain is so bad he cannot work, play or have any enjoyment in his life. He had previous consultations with doctors, neurologist and chiropractic care with real answers or lasting results. X-rays analysis revealed nerve pressure in his sacrum, mid back, lower and upper cervical regions. X-ray analysis revealed calcification and arthritis in his middle back region limiting his ability to sit up straight, stand for long periods of times or walk upright. Tristan will be seen over a two week period. This is the third visit with Dr. Rahim. This is going to be a tough case to help but Dr. Rahim doesn’t give up!

———In this video———————
0:00 – Intro Welcome to the Office
0:09 – Consultation
0:50 – Instrumentation
2:15 – Palpation
4:49 – Pelvis Adjustment On Hylo Table
7:00 – L5 Adjustment On Knee Chest Table
9:54 – Vibration Therapy Rehabilitation
10:15 – Ankles
10:30 – Hands
10:55 – Outro

Watch EP 1:
Watch EP 2:


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