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Paslode vs. Hitachi (Metabo HTP) Siding Nailer – Mistakes Were Made!

The TetraGrip nailer by Paslode is really a great tool for siding. Because the Hardinail’s superior holding power, it does not need to hit the studs behind the sheathing to provide adequate grip. The ring shank nail fired by the Hitachi nailer, on the other hand, is longer and must hit a stud to provide adequate holding power. The downside to the longer ring shank nail is that if you miss the stud, you penetrate far into the cavity behind, and can damage air conditioning lines (like we did here) or plumbing or electrical runs.
We are using LP SmartSide which allowed us to pull off the siding in the affected area and reside without breaking the boards like we would have done with fiber cement.
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