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Papua New Guinea: Mass burial of COVID victims held to relieve overflowing hospital morgue

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Hundreds of COVID-19 victims’ bodies were transferred from the overflowing morgue of Port Moresby General Hospital into coffins ahead of a mass burial in a public cemetery in Port Moresby on Wednesday.
“At the moment, we are doing mass burials for bodies that have been deceased since March, April, May this year,” said Dr Kone Sobi, acting Director for medical services at Port Moresby General Hospital.
Local authorities authorised the mass burial to relieve the hospital morgue, overcrowded with hundreds of corpses and a capacity to hold a maximum of 60.
The city could soon enter a lockdown to curb COVID-19 cases and fatalities.
According to data recorded by Johns Hopkins University, the country, where vaccination rates remain extremely low, reached a peak in new COVID cases in late October 2021, recording over 800 new cases in a single day.

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