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“No to fortress Europe” – Crowds rally in London to support migrants stranded at border

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Dozens of people gathered to protest in solidarity with the thousands of migrants stranded at the Belarus-Poland border in front of the Polish embassy in London on Saturday, including independent and former Labour Party Member of Parliament Jeremy Corbyn.
The MP addressed the protesters who were holding signs condemning the conditions at the EU border, where currently thousands of migrants have to endure freezing temperatures, and chanted slogans in support of refugees and migrants.
“Our job is to speak out and campaign. Our job is to challenge the daily mail and all the other horrible papers and all the stuff that they say and say to each one of our neighbours: Come on guys, refugees are human beings, let’s make them welcome here,” said Corbyn.
“Stand up for the right for asylum but stand up against the evils that forced people into the desperate situation they’ve been forced into all across Europe and indeed all across the world,” added the MP.
Tensions between the EU and Belarus have increased in recent months over the EU accusing Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko of deliberately sending migrants to the border in response to the sanctions imposed by the EU, which he denies.

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