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Home News Middle East New immigrants prepare for COVID-19 reality in Israel - Sarah Rapaport

New immigrants prepare for COVID-19 reality in Israel – Sarah Rapaport

Would you relocate during a global pandemic? Well, this family did. We spoke to some brave souls who moved their entire lives across the ocean to Israel, despite #COVID-19.

Sarah Rapaport | New Israeli immigrant

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ILTV is an independent English-language media company based in Tel Aviv that provides daily news and entertainment to its viewers.

Launched in 2015, ILTV is committed to producing high quality content in a broad array of subjects, from reporting news and current events to programming which highlights technology, art and entertainment, sports and culture.

In today’s media, biased reporting and anti-Israel agendas are prevalent, as the State of Israel is under relentless attack.
From the “spinning” of unfolding political events in order to display Israel in a negative light, to the misrepresenting facts, media outlets are providing the fuel which shapes negative public opinion and contributes to the Delegitimization of the State of Israel.

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