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Netflix’s Hollywood: Why Fans Were Upset About The Ending

Netflix’s Hollywood Ending Explained
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Netflix’s Hollywood is a fantastic series that keeps you guessing throughout its entire 7 episode run. However, many audience members couldn’t help but feel like the payoff to all that build up is a bit lacking. But why? Why aren’t some people happy with the ending?

See, Hollywood gives us a look at the glitz and glam of the golden age of the movie business, only significantly more gritty than we are used to. This is the show’s major selling point. Taking something that is often presented to us in a clean, largely wholesome way, and giving it to us raw and unfiltered.

Which is why the sort of sudden tone change at the end, might have left people with a bad taste in their mouth.

Now, before I dive into what exactly I mean, I’m gonna slap up here a spoiler warning, since I am going to be talking about the end of the show here. I’d highly recommend checking out the show before you watch this video. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

Ok, now let’s get into exactly what I mean here.

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