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N. Korea launches two projectiles; appear to be short-range ballistic missiles

북한, 동쪽으로 발사체 발사…사흘만에 또 도발

Just a few hours ago,… North Korea fired two projectiles, possibly ballistic missiles,… into the East Sea.
This is the third time this month that the regime has launched some sort of projectile.
For more on this, we have our defense correspondent Bae Eun-ji on the line.
Eun-ji, what information do we have so far?

Well Devin, South Korea’s military says that the North today fired two unidentified projectiles toward the East Sea.
The Joint Chiefs of Staff said the North fired two projectiles that appear to be short-range ballistic missiles… from Pyeonganbuk-do Province.
The military is closely monitoring the situation to be ready for any additional launches by the North.
Japan’s defense ministry and its coast guard also confirmed that the North fired what could be a ballistic missile.
This comes just hours after North Korea warned of strong action over the sanctions the U.S. placed on it on earlier this week.
This is the third launch in less than two weeks,… and just three days after the regime last fired a missile.

So, there’s limited info about today’s launch. But what can you tell us more about the missile fired three days ago?

The North had claimed that Tuesday’s test launch was a successful test of its “hypersonic missile”… that “precisely hit” a target one-thousand kilometers away,… under the watch of its leader Kim Jong-un.
Following the launch, Seoul’s military said its initial assessment shows that the missile flew at least 700 kilometers,… at a speed of up to ten times the speed of sound,… or more than 12-thousand kilometers per hour.
At this speed, the capital city of Seoul could be reached in just one minute,… and anywhere in the Korean Peninsula in less than two minutes.
Hypersonic missiles are seen as a game-changer because they are easier to maneuver and operate at high speeds… meaning they are harder to track and intercept.
North Korea also launched a missile last Wednesday, which it claimed was a hypersonic missile.
Pyeongyang is banned from developing or testing ballistic missiles and nuclear weapons… under multiple UN Security Council resolutions.
That’s all I have for now at this hour, but I’ll be back with more updates in a later newscast.
Back to you, Devin.

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