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Huge thanks to our https://www.atlasrwi.com/ for sponsoring this video!
Welcome back to the Real ReBuild project. This is my personal family home I’m building and if you’ve seen my videos you know I don’t mess around with “standard” construction. In this video I’ll show you how I’m putting a thick blanket of R-13 insulation on the entire outside of my house. More and more builders are being forced to do exterior insulation as codes progress forward. See all the details in this video!
Thanks to Rodenhouse for the cap fasteners, Senco Gun, and blades too! https://www.rodenhouse-inc.com/
The details page for the product I’m using here: https://wall.atlasrwi.com/products/residentiallight-commercial/energyshield/#tap-download9a65-42b4
Compatible Tapes: https://wall.atlasrwi.com/atlas-wall-ci-compatible-tapes/

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