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Moldova: “The panic is felt” – Chisinau residents on energy crisis

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Residents shared their reactions and experiences regarding life during the energy crisis and the challenges faced by the population in Chisinau on Thursday.

Pavel Anton, who lives in Cahul, shared that ‘panic is felt’ by the people because they are worried about the lack of stability and rising prices. He noted that some are trying to switch to alternative heating.

“The situation is not very good in the republic. […] Today, people are already surviving; there is no [money] left even for food, not to mention medicine,” said the man.

Vladimir Pestushko from Chisinau believes that the Moldovan government ‘did not manage to come to an agreement with the Russian side in time.’

“It affects people extremely negatively, with wages, if the family is working, the wages of the husband and wife are close to the average, practically the salary of one of the family members has to be paid only for a communal apartment, only for gas,” added Pestushko.

On Monday, press secretary of the chairman of the board of Gazprom PJSC Sergei Kupriyanov said that the energy company would stop supplying gas to Moldova due to the violation of the contract by Chisinau if the republic does not repay the payment due on November 22 within 48 hours.

Later on Wednesday, Kupriyanov stated that Gazprom had responded to Moldova’s request not to stop gas supplies on the condition that the republic undertakes to pay off current payments on Friday, November 26.

On the same day, Moldovan Prime Minister Natalia Gavrilitsa called on parliament to approve amendments to the budget to allow the national energy company to pay off Gazprom.

In turn, Deputy Prime Minister of Moldova Andrei Spinu said that the government had taken all the necessary measures to ensure payments on debts on Friday.
Earlier, Gazprom signed a contract on gas supplies with the Moldovan side for five years, subject to an audit of Moldovagaz’s debt in 2022.

It is reported that it is planned to be paid off within five years, subject to penalties.

SOT, Pavel Anton, Cahul resident (Russian): “There are big worries regarding the price increase, of course, the situation is not yet completely clear – whether everything [crisis] will stop there, so people are certainly trying to switch to some alternative pellet heating boilers, electric ones. The panic is felt.”

SOT Pavel Anton, Cahul resident (Russian): “The rise in gas prices will lead to a chain increase in the price of everything else – food, manufacturing, so the situation in the republic is not quite good.”

SOT Pavel Anton, Cahul resident (Russian): “I know that today people are surviving as it is, there is not enough [money] to buy food, and today almost a budget that adds up to an average of five or six thousand lei [250-300 EUR] in the Republic of Moldova just for heating says that people do not have [money] even for food, not to mention medicine.”

SOT Vladimir Pestushko, Chisinau resident (Russian): “I think that the whole problem related to the gas crisis lies with our government, since we could have managed to come to an agreement with the Russian side 30 times during the last time. According to my information, [Deputy Head of the Russian Presidential Administration Dmitry] Kozak came here even before the gas crisis, saying, “Moldovans, let’s sign a contract,” but no one moved then.”

SOT, Vladimir Pestushko, Chisinau resident (Russian): “It affects people extremely negatively, with salaries. If the family is working and the salary of husband and wife is close to the statistical average, practically the salary of one family member goes for utilities, for gas only.”

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