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Meet The Marvel Character Who Is About To Be Huge

He’s demonic, diabolical, and literally the son of Satan. Yet for all that evil, Daimon Hellstrom is actually a decent dude. This is the story behind Marvel’s most unlikely king of Hell, set to enter the MCU with his very own Hulu series, Helstrom, in 2020.

The 1970s were a spooky time for Marvel. After decades of censorship forbidding stories of the supernatural, a few cracks had started to appear in the Comics Code, and Marvel was quick to capitalize. With new titles like Werewolf By Night and The Tomb of Dracula, they were drawing horror fans into their universe, and it was going well enough that Stan Lee came up with an idea that would take the genre to new heights, or lows, as the case may be. If people liked reading about Dracula, why not go all the way to the biggest bad guy of all time?

Lee’s idea was called The Mark of Satan, a comic that would star the devil himself, which would’ve been interesting, but pretty difficult to sell to kids on a lunchbox. Editor Roy Thomas convinced Lee that people just wouldn’t buy a comic featuring Satan as the main character, even if he was the bad guy, like Dracula had been in the first few issues of his comic. Instead, Thomas proposed the comic feature the devil’s half-human child, who, in classic Marvel style, could be torn between his demonic powers and his life on Earth. Lee loved it, and so the Marvel bullpen set to work.

The son of Satan was given the completely unsubtle name Daimon Hellstrom, and made his debut in 1973’s Ghost Rider #1.

We’re about to go deep into the weeds of comics, so strap yourself in. Sometimes, in the world of Marvel, things aren’t quite what they seem, especially when it comes to demons. Such is the case with Daimon Hellstrom, whose father is less “the” Satan and more “a” satan. Keep watching the video to meet the Marvel character who is about to be huge.

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Occult origins | 0:00
Son of Satan…sort of | 1:27
Infernal power | 2:24
Defender of Earth | 3:40
Hell comes to Hulu | 4:30

Read Full Article: https://www.looper.com/207720/the-untold-truth-of-hellstrom/


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