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Lybia flood: rescue efforts continue in desperate need of aid

On September 11th, Storm Daniel struck Libya’s coastal city of Derna

Number of deaths feared to reach 20,000: Derna mayor

Eastern Libya’s low-lying areas and weak infrastructure made it especially susceptible to quake

“Most of the people in our town are working in Derna, even youths as young as 20 or 15 years old go to work there. The number of people lost from our town, some families lost three, two or one, it’s like a whole nation, losses are more than if there was a war.”

“These are the victims (of the storm), may god protect us all. We are still looking for the victims. We call on all the young Libyans, anyone who has a degree or any medical affiliation to please come and help us. We have a shortage of nurses, we need help.”

Libya floods a wake-up call to dangers of climate change

Aftermath even more detrimental in absence of central gov’t

“I call on all Libyan political actors to overcome political deadlocks and divisions and to act collectively in ensuring access to relief. This is a time for unity of purpose: all those affected must receive support without regard for any affiliations.”

Care packages & emergency assistance pour in

S. Korea vows to work with in’t community to provide necessary support

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