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LIVE: Protests in Berlin against eviction of ‘Kopi’ trailer camp

Ruptly is live from Berlin on Friday, October 15, as activists stage a protest against the eviction of a squatted trailer camp, which is part of a radical housing group known as ‘Kopi’.​

Located at 137 Kopenicker street in the city centre, Kopi is one of the last remaining symbolic projects of Berlin’s radical left scene. The building on the strip of the Wall in East Berlin was occupied in 1990 and legalised a year later as an autonomous housing project.

In June, the Berlin district court ordered the evacuation of the trailer camp, known as ‘Kopi-Platz’. The building element of the housing complex itself is not affected by the eviction.

The decision, which is due to be enforced in the morning of October 15, has been met with protests led by left-wing activists and local residents. ​

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