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LIVE at The People’s Forum: Katie Halper, Rania Khalek, Abby Martin & Claudia De la Cruz

A special sold-out show in front of a live audience at The People’s Forum in NYC, bringing together Katie Halper, Rania Khalek, Abby Martin and Claudia de la Cruz who will talk about Palestine, the presidential elections and more!

Ticket sale proceeds go to the Gaza-based Palestinian organization We Are Not Numbers, in memory of its co-founder assassinated Gazan professor, poet and translator Refaat Alareer.

Katie Halper is an award-winning writer, filmmaker and the host of the Katie Halper show podcast, YouTube show and radio show and the co-host of the YouTube show and podcast Useful Idiots. She is the director of the forthcoming documentary “Commie Camp.”

Rania Khalek is a Middle East-based journalist for Breakthrough News, where she hosts the show Dispatches. She also co-hosts the weekly Freedom Side livestream with Eugene Puryear.

Abby Martin is a journalist, the host and creator of The Empire Files, director of Gaza Fights For Freedom and the forthcoming documentary Earth’s Greatest Enemy.

Claudia De la Cruz is a central committee member of The Party for Socialism and Liberation. She is a popular educator, community organizer, and theologian. In 2018, she Co-founded The People’s Forum. Claudia has over 20 years of experience in organizing across sectors of struggle and building collective political- education and cultural spaces in the US, and internationally.


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