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SOT, Morteza Saeednejad’s father (Farsi): “How can you kill these young people? What is the benefit for you? In a world where there are so many people, what’s the use of you as a person when you do all these things?”

SOT, Kazemi, Morteza, Saeednejad’s relative (Farsi): “Suddenly, we were shocked. And I hope that the officials and friends who are responsible for this case will surely avenge the blood of these two great men, and our two dear elites.”

SOT, Mirzaei, Morteza Saeednejad’s cousin (Farsi): “With whose permission is Israel attacking? Israel’s master must allow. The US must order it to attack and kill our youth like this. God damn them.”

SOT, Seyed Reza Rastegar, Attendee (Farsi): “Today, the US and Israeli regime are the epitome of modern ignorance. They are behind all these stories. And they will not get anywhere, God willing. As the Supreme Leader of the Revolution promised, we will all see the destruction of Israel with our own eyes, God willing.”

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