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Inside the World’s Largest Science Experiment

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Dianna from Physics Girl visited CERN in Geneva Switzerland to find out what the detectors at the LHC are looking for, and dive into the fundamental question: what are particles?

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Creator/Host: Dianna Cowern
Videographer/Editor: Levi Butner
Research: Sophia Chen

Thanks to Andrés, Imogen, Sarah, Loic, and CERN!

Special thanks to our Sally Ride patrons: Alejandro Gutierrez, Brian O’Connell, Darkbit, Dave Butler, Edi, Fabrice Eap, Henning Bitsch, Kenneth Hunter, Margaux Lopez, and Vincent Flores.
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Quantum Field Animation:

More Sources:

This is how CERN’s Large Hadron Collider looks during the 2019 shutdown

CERN 2018 highlights:



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