Thursday, June 1, 2023
HomeTravelForeigners in ChinaIf you visit China, avoid this snack at all costs... 🤣 我入乡随俗失败了!来浙江一定要远离这个食物。。。

If you visit China, avoid this snack at all costs… 🤣 我入乡随俗失败了!来浙江一定要远离这个食物。。。

Chatting with friendly strangers, trying local snacks, exploring interesting places, and more. Join me and the Red Stallion for another day of Shenanigans on the road 🚲

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🌻Thanks for joining today’s adventure, everyone! Follow me on Instagram for more updates about life in China: kats_journey_east 🌻

How do I get such stable footage even while biking and walking? 📷
She’s waterproof, shoots in 4K, and is very tiny and portable, perfect for recording an action-packed day without the fuss of a fancy complex setup

Got bicycle envy? Want your very own red stallion? 🐴 Look no further:
This folding bike is super durable and perfect for city commutes and long-haul treks alike. Folding bikes can go in car trunks, public transport, and planes, adding tons of flexibility to your journeys 🚲

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Where do I get the music used in these videos? 🎵
Content creators can enjoy unlimited access to a huge variety of music – funky, peaceful, upbeat, or whatever else you’re looking for – and eliminate the headache of navigating copyright strikes on YouTube! All I can say is… wish I knew about it since day 1 🤣


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