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How To Remove Different Types of Wallpaper | Ask This Old House

In this video, This Old House paint expert Mauro Henrique shows host Kevin O’Connor some methods for removing different types of wallpaper, and Kevin’s shocked at the results.

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Paint expert Mauro Henrique shows Kevin O’Connor how to remove wallpaper the easy way. After going over a few different types of wallpaper, Mauro shows Kevin the removal methods and tools to use. Some types of wallpaper come off easier than others, but Mauro’s expertise makes short work of them all.

Difficulty: ⅖
Time: 1 day
Cost: Under $50

Where to find it?
Mauro talks through 3 major types of wallpaper and the tools to properly remove each type.

Mauro shows 3 types of wallpaper: Removable [], Strippable [], and Vinyl [].

Mauro uses a putty knife [] to pry up the corner of the removable wallpaper and carefully pulls down the paper at an angle.

To remove the Strippable and Vinyl wallpaper, Mauro uses a scoring tool [] and presses it across the entire facing of the wallpaper to create tiny perforations. Once the wallpaper is sufficiently scored [] across each section, Mauro uses a spray bottle [] to apply a 1:1 mixture of hot water and white vinegar [].

The hot water helps to loosen up the adhesive and the acid from the vinegar helps to dissolve it. Once the solution has set up for 10-15 minutes, Mauro uses a putty knife and begins peeling the wallpaper from the top corner down. Vinyl paper is often more difficult because of its vinyl seal that blocks out moisture; Be sure that the solution has fully saturated it. After the wallpaper is removed, you can go over the dry wall with a clean rag [] and the water/vinegar solution to remove any remaining adhesive from the wall.

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Clean rag []
White vinegar []
Warm water

Putty knife []
Wallpaper scoring tool []
Spray bottle []

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How To Remove Different Types of Wallpaper | Ask This Old House


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