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How to Paint Tile | Ask This Old House

In this video, This Old House paint expert Mauro Henrique helps a homeowner avoid a costly and drawn-out project by painting his avocado green tiles with an epoxy paint.

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Paint expert Mauro Henrique heads out on a house call to check out a beautiful kitchen renovation, the homeowner takes Mauro to the issue: an avocado green bathroom tile. Mauro first explains the options to the homeowner, explaining that he can either tear all of the tiles down and rebuild or simply paint the tiles. In light of budget and time, the two decide to paint the existing tile.

Difficulty: ⅖
Time: A weekend
Cost: Under $100

Where to find it?
Mauro helps a homeowner, Brian, repaint his 1950’s avocado green bathroom tile with a white epoxy tile paint [].

Mauro and Brian use painters tape [] to protect the edges of the newly painted bathroom walls. To cover the vanity and toilet, they use plastic sheeting []. For the last step to prep the bathroom, they tape down floor paper [].

To sand the tiles for better adhesion, Mauro uses an orbital sander [] and 320-grit sandpaper []. To clean up the dust, Mauro goes in with a HEPA-Vac []. To paint the tile, Mauro uses an epoxy acrylic Tub and Tile paint []. To ensure proper ventilation, Mauro installs a window ventilator [], and he and Brian wear respirator masks [].

To cut-in Mauro uses a soft 1-½ inch angled brush []. Then Mauro and Brian roll the paint onto the tiles using 4 inch foam rollers [] and short neck roller frames []. For the second coat, to get deeper into the grout, Mauro switches to 4 inch microfiber rollers [].

All products can be found at local home centers.

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Cleaning solution []
Microfiber cloth []
Painter’s tape []
Plastic drop cloths []
Resin paper []
320 grit sandpaper []
Epoxy paint []
Foam roller covers []
Microfiber roller covers []

Screwdriver []
Flat painter’s tool or putty knife []
Random orbital sander []
Wet-dry vac []
Window fan []
Respirator []
Paint roller []
Paintbrush []
Paint tray []

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How to Paint Tile | Ask This Old House


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