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How To Install an Awning | Ask This Old House

In this video, This Old House carpenter Nathan Gilbert helps a homeowner protect themselves from rain and snow by installing an awning over the entry door to their brand-new kitchen.

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Tag along with carpenter Nathan Gilbert as he helps a homeowner install an awning over their main entry door. First, the two get to work cutting custom mounting blocks for the homeowner’s vinyl siding. Then, Nathan creates a custom mounting frame that will allow the awning to sit correctly over the siding.

Difficulty: ⅗
Time: One day
Cost: $200 to $1,500, depending on the awning

Where to find it?
Nathan helps a homeowner install a modern glass outdoor awning.

Nathan creates the proper sized PVC [] mounting blocks by following the template of the vinyl mounting block to measure and trace where the French cleat will be cut. Then Nathan uses a miter saw [] to square the edges of the board and cut the boards to length for the mounting bracket. After, Nathan uses a portable bandsaw [] to cut out the cleat for each piece of PVC. Nathan uses an electric drill [] to securely mount the blocks to the exterior siding using exterior grade screws [].

To mount the awning, Nathan first applies a silicone sealant [] along the backside of the bracket to keep it watertight. Nathan then uses an electric drill to make pilot holes on the mounting blocks. Nathan then uses exterior grade heavy duty structural screws [] to secure the awning to the siding. Finally, Nathan applies silicone sealant around the edges of the awning to ensure no water can penetrate the siding.

Expert assistance provided by Feeney, Inc. [] All other products can be found at home centers.

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PVC boards []
Silicone sealant []
Awning kit []
Stainless steel screws []
Lag bolts []
Washers, and caps []

Miter saw []
Table saw []
Band saw []
Random orbital sander []
Drill []
Impact driver []
Drill bits []
Caulking gun []

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How To Install an Awning | Ask This Old House


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