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How to Increase Resilience

It’s perfectly normal to feel weak, lost, and unable to cope. Here is a collection of thoughts to remind us of our inner reserves of resilience.
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“It’s only too easy to get discouraged. Here are a few things to keep in mind:
Everyone fails sometimes; some people just hide it better than others.
There is always a Plan B.
Perfection was never on the cards.
You’re allowed to cry uncontrollably sometimes.
Some people will love you always – whatever.
Those that matter don’t mind; those that mind don’t matter.
You could always go and live on an island somewhere far away – truly.
You have enough time to give this many more goes.
A fear is not a fact.
Every good life is a mess – in parts.
3 a.m. alone in bed is not the optimal moment at which to derive a true picture of reality. Wait – always – for the perspective of dawn.
The only people we can think of as without regrets are those we don’t yet know very well.
Going a bit mad for a time is a very common and ultimately very sane rite of passage.
It sounds heartless to say: ‘you’ll get over it’. But you will.
Most of what we think will kill us won’t.”


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