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How the West is Laundering Lies Through “Experts” to Target Gaza

– An “expert” from a US government and arms industry-funded think tank (ASPI) has been used to lend credibility to Israel’s denial of striking the Al Ahli Hospital in Gaza;

– the “open source” analysis attempted to estimate the number of people who could have fit into the area where there is visible fire damage;

– in reality, blasts from rockets, missiles, and artillery shells cause fragmentation and shrapnel traveling far beyond the blast and capable of causing lethal injuries;

– a hand grenade has a comparable death radius to that laid out in this analysis;

– a hand grenades casualty radius is even larger;

– a rocket or missile would have surely killed far more people in a much wider radius than claimed by this analysis;

– the density of civilians surrounding the hospital is also questioned in the analysis, however footage is easily obtainable from Gaza of similar densities specifically at hospitals;


Australian Financial Review – The 26-year-old analyst who shaped the world’s view of Gaza (October 22, 2023):
Nathan Ruser – October 18, 2023 thread on Gaza hospital strike:

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Times of Israel – IDF: Multiple rocket launcher used to target Hamas in Gaza for first time since 2006 (October 11, 2023):
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Guardian – ‘Emphasis is on damage, not accuracy’: ground offensive into Gaza seems imminent (October 10, 2023):
Guardian – Al-Ahli Arab hospital: piecing together what happened as Israel insists militant rocket to blame (October 18, 2023):
World Health Organization – Evacuation orders by Israel to hospitals in northern Gaza are a death sentence for the sick and injured (October 14, 2023):

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