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Honest Government Ad | Q

The US Government has made an ad about QAnon and it’s surprisingly honest and informative.

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🔹 A helpful and very funny list of all of Q’s failed predictions:
🔹 “Trump Says He Is ‘Counting on the Federal Court System’ to Declare Winner on Election Night—Before Many Ballots Are Tallied”:
🔹 The “Brooks Brothers Riot”:
🔹 Roger Stone & Alex Jones supporting MaRtIaL LaW:
🔹 “Amy Coney Barret worked on Bush v Gore”:
🔹 “States removed 17 million from voter rolls in past two years, federal report finds”:

These are some great articles and podcasts about QAnon I recommend checking out:
🔹 “The Origins of QAnon”, brilliant podcast by Robbie Martin, Media Roots:
🔹 Caitlin Jonhstone: “QAnon Is A Fake, Decoy Imitation Of A Healthy Revolutionary Impulse”:
🔹 Brilliant thread by Suzie Dawson:
🔹 “QAnon is more important thank you think”, by Adrienne LaFrance, The Atlantic:



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