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Holy See: Child climbs up to podium, greets Pope Francis, and gets a zucchetto hat

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The general audience of Pope Francis in the Paul VI Audience Hall in the Vatican State took a slightly different turn, as he greeted the Swiss delegation. A child spontaneously climbed up the stairs in the middle of the ceremony and greeted the Pope who held his hands.
Thereafter, he was offered a seat next to him, as the audience cheered.
Eventually, he was taken away by what seemed to be security services, as Pope Francis was reading out a statement, but obtained a zucchetto hat before returning to the grades of the audience hall.
The Paul VI Audience Hall is a unique building running between the Vatican State and Italy, as the border runs through the middle. Nevertheless, the Lateran Treaty of 1929 granted to the Vatican extraterritorial status over that particular area falling into Italian jurisdiction.

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