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Hip Pain, Numbness & Dropped Foot Helped! Part 2 – Dr. Rahim

Jacqueline, patient dealing with eight years of deep hip pain and numbness, is back for her second visit with Dr. Rahim. During her follow up consultation, she explains how her pain level has gone down and she’s starting to get more sensation on her foot. As an update on other things that have changed, she explains how she’s felt a bit of pain in her calf area and how her neck has felt a bit of discomfort as well.

Through the scoping process, Dr. R explains to Jacqueline that her healing process is not only about the adjustments but also about her process of forgiveness. She has to learn to let go of any anger that she has been feeling, in order to give herself some space to heal.

Watch as Dr. R explains the focus of this session, coccyx, L5 and T5 while also working on her ankle and heel. Comment below if you’ve ever experienced something similar to Jacqueline’s case.

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