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Germany: Berlin Club Commission launches vaccination campaign at nightclubs

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A vaccination campaign kicked off at Sage Beach Club on Monday to curb the spread of COVID-19 in Berlin.

As part of an initiative by the Berlin Club Commission, a network for the club culture in the capital, several clubs are taking part in a week-long vaccination campaign and offering those who have booked an appointment a booster, first and second shot.

Many stood in line at the bar where the Moderna vaccine was being offered. After the jab, patients waited a few minutes on couches in a nearby room before leaving the venue.

According to the spokesperson for the Berlin Club Commission, almost half of the approximately 4,500 vaccination appointments that are offered to everyone regardless of health insurance status have already been booked.

From January 3 to 9, the clubs Sage Beach, Klunkerkranich, Mensch Meier and About Blank will alternately offer BioNtech and Moderna vaccinations.

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