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Games for Your 48 Week Old Baby | 10-12 Month Games

0:00 Beach-Ball Tummy Time
0:11 Obstacle Crawls
0:23 Water Bottle Fun
0:38 Help get baby on the right pathway

Week 48 Games
Beach-Ball Tummy Time: Blow up a beach ball so it’s almost full, with a soft spot. Hold baby carefully on top of beach ball, tummy down. Roll them back and forth, side to side. Helps baby develop core strength and balance.
Obstacle Crawls: Try to encourage baby to crawl over, under, and through various objects at home. Take empty boxes, remove tops and bottoms, and tape them to make a long tunnel. Be sure to be at baby’s side so he doesn’t get hurt. Helps baby better understand space around them.
Water Bottle Fun: Put some beads, glitter, or marbles in a sealed water bottle. Give it to baby and let them shake it around. Helps baby develop their visual skills.

These activities are designed to help your baby as they move towards their twelve month milestones. These games are not limited to this specific week. You can keep playing these games over the next several weeks as long as you and baby continue to have fun.

See the motor, sensory, communication, and feeding milestones your child should be reading by their first birthday. All the games are developed with and approved by expert pediatric physical and occupational therapists and speech-language pathologists. If you are concerned that your baby isn’t meeting their one year old milestones, trust your instincts and talk to your healthcare professional.

Visit for more information about children’s development. All materials including videos are provided at no cost; no fees or charges may be associated with any of the materials without prior written approval.


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