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Games for Your 43 Week Old Baby | 10-12 Month Games

0:00 Inside Surprise
0:15 Tray Pick Up
0:31 Read on Tummies
0:45 Help get baby on the right pathway

Week 43 Games
Inside Surprise: Put a toy or book inside an empty cardboard box. Wrap it with colorful paper or newspaper comics. Clap your hands when baby yanks it open, then announce what’s inside. Helps with language skills, fine motor development, and executive functioning skills.
Tray Pick Up: Offer baby food on their highchair tray like cereal or soft, cooked vegetables to pick up. Show baby how to pick up finger foods and put them in their mouth. Helps develop fine motor skills.
Read on Tummies: Read a book while you and baby lie on your tummies. They love the sound of your voice and the colors in a storybook. To hold baby’s attention, use funny voices while you read. Helps baby have fun during Tummy Time.

These activities are designed to help your baby as they move towards their twelve month milestones. These games are not limited to this specific week. You can keep playing these games over the next several weeks as long as you and baby continue to have fun.

See the motor, sensory, communication, and feeding milestones your child should be reading by their first birthday. All the games are developed with and approved by expert pediatric physical and occupational therapists and speech-language pathologists. If you are concerned that your baby isn’t meeting their one year old milestones, trust your instincts and talk to your healthcare professional.

Visit for more information about children’s development. All materials including videos are provided at no cost; no fees or charges may be associated with any of the materials without prior written approval.


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