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France: Paris relaxes COVID restrictions despite high cases

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Parisian are no longer be required to wear masks in outdoor or public spaces, as seen on Wednesday, in light of the ‘improvement in the health situation,’ according to local authorities.

Compulsory remote working was also scrapped, but businesses can still impose mask restrictions on their premises. Concerts and nightclubs will be able to resume on February 16.

The lifting of COVID restrictions only applies to Paris while the remaining country’s rules will not change.

The incidence rate in France has slightly decreased in the last few days, but the country recorded almost 400,000 new COVID-19 infections on Monday.

The easing of restrictions in the French capital follows similar announcements in the UK, Denmark and the Netherlands.

SOT, Amandine, Local Resident (French): “I’m surprised to learn this. Recently I have many more friends who have caught the Covid.”

SOT, Amandine, Local Resident (French): “I am therefore very surprised and I did not know that there was no longer this obligation.”

SOT, Henri, Local Resident (French): “It’s very nice to take off the mask but inside you still have to keep it, out of caution.”

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